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Which is the best method for pest control?

Pest control is basically the management of pests, like insects and rodents that are harmful in an indoor environment. Pests can cause various kinds of problems like health problems and damage the house. That is why it is important to eliminate any pests at once using effective pest control methods.

How do Pest Control Services operate?

A pest control worker or an exterminator from the pest control services visits the client’s house or business to check for any kind of pests. After that, the pests are eliminated using the specific methods for the kind of pest in the building. It can be done using a trap, pesticides of any other specific methods.

Common application methods for pest control

Using specific pesticides is a common practice to eliminate many pests. There can be four common application methods that the exterminators use to eliminate the pests.

Space spraying to eliminate flying insects

Space spraying is the most common and the best method to eliminate any flying insects. These flying insects can cause health hazards and transmit a lot of diseases to the people living in the house. They can make the indoor environment unhealthy and need to be eliminated at once. The insecticides used for this know the insects down and eliminate them from the environment. The liquid insecticide is released in the entire space that has the infestation by spraying. The small droplets of insecticide released in the air kills these insects when they come in contact.

Surface treatment to eliminate crawling insects

Insects like cockroaches may need a tougher method for elimination. Surface treatments are helpful in terminating the crawling insects. This method involves application of the pesticides on the surfaces where the insects are found. The treatment can be dusting, or spraying the pesticide on a surface. These pesticides leave a residue on the surface after the treatment so that when the insects come in contact, they can get eliminated.

Fumigation to eliminate insects inside any materials

Fumigation is an application method that involves treatment with a gas. While this may not be very common for household pest removal, it is highly effective for storage spaces like places with infestations in stored food products. The space is sealed and made airtight so no gas can escape. Then, the gas is released that eliminates the pest. For smaller items with infestation, this method can be done by placing the items in a fumigation chamber. On a larger scale, it can also be done by sealing down an entire building and releasing the gas in the whole building. It is important that nobody, not even the operator comes in contact with the gas.

Baiting to eliminate rodents 

Baiting is usually done for bigger pests like rodents and some insects. Certain gels, powders, wax blocks or food items like cereals, bread or meat can be used as a bait. The rodents get attracted to these items and eat them and the pesticides are filled inside these items that kill the rodents upon ingestion. 

There are many types of pesticides that can be used to kill specific pests. However, considering the toxicity of these chemicals, safer pesticides that leave no to minimum residues are preferred for any household infestations.

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