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How Can I Make My House Insect-Free?

Why Do People Have Insects in Their Houses?

If you truly want to create an insect-free home with an insect control management plan, you may need to follow some rules and take some steps to prevent pests from entering your home.

“Humans cannot survive without water, food, and shelter, and pests are no different, as they are drawn to food, water, and shelter. The house you build, as well as the water and food you put in it, will become a haven for insects, attracting them to your home”. 


Missed repairs and improper care in your house rapidly become an open invitation for pests and rodents to invade and make themselves at home. The longer you wait to address these hazards, the greater the risk to your health and the structure of your home. As a result, pest control management is critical.

Below we are listing some of the key tips that prevent pest traffic into your home.

1) Maintain a Clean Kitchen.

Pests thrive in a dirty, damp atmosphere. Make sure to cover the sink, filter, and garbage bin with a lid to avoid any unwanted creatures from hiding  in them. Install a garbage disposal in your sink to keep it clean and free of unwanted odours. If you have a dishwasher, make sure to keep it clean as well. 

 2) Keep the Bathroom Clean.

The majority of insect control suggestions for homes do not cover bathroom insect control. But considering the bathroom to prevent insect infestation is critical.

The bathroom is a high-traffic area and is exposed to many people, including children and teens. In fact, one of the most common places to find bed bugs and some other insects is inside a bathroom. So it’s critical to keep the bathroom tidy and clean in order to avoid insect infestation. In particular, never encourage standing water, as this encourages pest infestation.

3) Do Not Let Water Stand.

Insects prefer to stay in or around standing water because it allows them to grow quickly, especially mosquitoes. Standing water is one of the primary causes of mosquito growth, which leads to dengue and malaria. Never let water stand in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your house. Clean your home and its surroundings on a regular basis to maintain a healthy environment. Make sure there are no water leaks next to your home, or signs of water damage on your walls or ceilings.

4) Don’t Keep Fruits and Vegetables Out For Long.

Insects or pests will be attracted to overripe fruits and vegetables. Cockroaches, ants, and flies will be attracted to overleaf food items. As a result, don’t keep cut or ripe fruits in the house or refrigerator for a long period of time. Ripe fruits and cut vegetables can be the best food sources for different types of insects.

So whenever you finish your meal, try to dispose of any overleaf food items in the garbage can.

5) Dispose of Garbage on a Regular Basis.

Garbage may cause humans to vomit, but it is an ideal environment for insects to stay, reproduce, and expand their population. If you keep the garbage out of your house on a regular basis, you might be able to achieve half your goal of having an insect-free home. The main source of insects and insect infestations in any home is garage storage. As a result, try to avoid storing garbage in your home and instead dispose of it daily or on a regular basis.

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